YouTube Views – issues and fixes

You might be annoyed with the daily updates, but the Youtube Views also faced an issue where all orders dropped in the last 15 days.
Our system will do a refill in the following 24 hours; we have patched this issue with one of the old servers, which some of the customers might remember. But the server is stable.
The server works through ads over multiple websites, bringing you genuine viewers who might engage with your content.

We promise to deliver you the following:

• 1000-2000 Views Per Day

• for videos Auto-Generated by Youtube

• for YouTube Topic Channels

• for videos with country restricted due to 3rd party distribution

• RAV™ – Real Active Views*

• 100% Real Human Active YouTube Watch Page Views

• INSTANT START• Watch Page Views – Monetizable!

• Random Retention

• Stable NON-DROP Views

• World-Wide Views Added in a NON-STOP Natural Pattern

• views can be sent to embed the disabled video (including videos that live-streamed or premiered in the past)• Traffic Sources: Direct Advertisement

Due to the quality of views, our rates are back to the old ones when we used this service 5.60 per 1000 views.
To thank you for your understanding, we offer the following 25% OFF discount code: new-views