Frequently Asked Questions


  • How many Twitter video views I need in order to go viral?
    There's not an exact number you should buy in order to increase your popularity. However, you should aim to buy as much as you can. It will improve your chances.
  • Why can't I see all my likes on Twitter?
    If users set their privacy on, you may not see their profile if you don't follow them.
  • Is buying likes for Twitter illegal or restricted by the platform?
    It's not illegal to buy likes, but it's restricted by Twitter and it's frowned upon. However, no one's going to care about when you actually start seeing some success. Set your priorities.
  • Will getting Twitter likes increase my visibility on the platform?
    Yes! Just like any other social media network, Twitter's algorithm encourages interactions too. Thus, if you have a lot of likes on your profile, more people will start to see you.
  • Can I block retweets?
    Yes. Go to the user's page on Twitter, click on the 'following' menu, then select 'turn of retweets' and you are done.
  • Can I retweet my own tweet?
    Yes. It is possible to retweet your tweets.
  • Why people buy Twitter retweets?
    Twitter is a platform where you can spread knowledge like wildfire with the right people retweeting you. Considering that all of the followers of the person who retweeted you will see your post, it's a great opportunity.
  • Will I get banned for buying Twitter followers?
    No, buying followers will get you banned. If it worked as such, rival companies would buy followers to get each other banned on Twitter.
  • Is it smart to buy Twitter followers while developing an account?
    This is the exact time that you need to buy followers. It's a saddening fact that you'll have not too much of them. In this way, you can boost your numbers and expect many of them to come in organic means.
  • Will my followers stay intact or disappear with time?
    Your followers are designed to survive on your profile for a long time. Also, we guarantee that realistic-looking followers are going to stay there for at least six months. However, real followers are free to unfollow you if they don't like your profile.