How to get Viral on Instagram 2021

Getting Viral on Instagram is like finding a gold mine; all your content gets more publicity. Everyone who sees your content is from your niche. Your growth never stops; once people start talking about you, there is no coming back.

What is the Instagram Explore page?

The Instagram Explore page is made up of photos, videos, stories—and, of course, products—tailored for each user based on “the people you follow or the posts you like,” according to Instagram.

In other words, it is an endless scroll of accounts you might want to follow, posts you might want to like, and products you might want to buy.

More than half of Instagram users check out the Explore page every month. (That’s about 500 million people, according to the latest Instagram statistics.) So, what, exactly, does the feed show people? That’s decided by the Instagram algorithm, which considers things like:

  • Posts that people you follow have liked
  • Posts with high engagement
  • Accounts similar to ones you already follow
How to get Viral on Instagram 2021, explore page
Instagram Explore Page

In May 2019, Instagram overhauled the Explore page to make it easier for users to dive deep into their niche interests. Specifically, the platform wanted to help people discover what they’re looking for and what they like more easily.

Benefits of getting on the Instagram Explore page

This is simple: landing a post on the Instagram Explore page means more people will see your content. Accordingly, the benefits may or may not include:

  • An engagement spike on the post or Story that made it to Explore, as your content gets surfaced to a wider audience than your followers;
  • A bump in new followers (those that like your post enough to check out your profile and are impressed by your amazing bio, highlight covers, etc.);
  • Residual increased engagement from now on (from those new followers);
  • More conversions (if you have the right call-to-action ready for all those fresh eyeballs).

Convinced? Let’s take a look at how to make it happen.

How to get on the Explore page using our services

We won’t talk about basic stuff you can find on other blogs such as post when your followers are online, learn from others, use hashtags, etc… You know all that.

  1. Use Instagram Likes as a way of Boosting your content
    • This is a number one solution on how to rank your content; it’s a well-known rule. The likes play a role in how your content gets ranked on Instagram. First, hours are the most important for your post if it will get Viral or not. We strive to deliver likes as fast as possible within the first hour, so your post will get the best publicity it needs.
    • But you have to remember; not all niches have the same difficulty level in the ranking. Less competitive niches have more chances to get ranked rather than competitive. Suppose your competition in the niche has like 1000 likes on average. Then it would help if you also went around it at the start with a gradual increase in likes.
    • More competitive niches also require for you to have more Likes
  2. Use Instagram Video Views as a way of Boosting your Videos:
    • Your video view counter also plays a role in your ranking; the more views you get, the more people have watched your content, indicating more of them are interested in you. This is also a good way for Instagram to rank you at Reels.
    • The ratio for Views and Likes always has a big difference, so do not worry if you have many more Views than Likes; our recommendation is 10/1—10x Views to 1x Likes.
    • The same thing goes for Instagram Video Views; more competitive niches require a larger quantity of Video Views.

What about Followers?

Many of our new clients come to our site and buy 10.000 Followers without reading our service description and not understanding the purpose of the Followers. To buy a thousand Followers for around $ 10 and to expect engagement from them is ridiculous.

So why do we have Followers at all as an option if they are “useless.” Well, they are not; you have to first understand what you want from those Followers, do you want engagement, do you want to impress your sponsors, or do you want to give an overall impression of a bigger profile.

If you want to expect engagement from them, then they are not for you. We can not guarantee Engagement from them; they are only real-looking followers (it means they have profile pictures, followers, follows, posts, etc…).

If you want to impress your sponsors or your whole audience, then this is the best option for you; you know very well if you have a bigger profile, then you can charge more for sponsorships. That’s why many of them use them.

Do Story Views and Swipe Ups play a role in the ranking?

Story Swipe Ups and Swipe Ups do not play a role in ranking; they are rather used by clients who need to get more impressions in those areas; if you feel a need to use them, you can, but a role in the ranking of your content it does not have.


To use our services, you also have to follow the basic guidelines for posting your content, the one we have skipped at the beginning because probably you have heard for all of them:

  1. Post in the right time
  2. Use Hash Tags for your niche
  3. Reply to comments
  4. Good quality of pictures
  5. Tags
  6. Locations
  7. etc…

We will make a good insight blog post about it if you maybe have not read about it.