Refund by Request

Many of the new clients are pretty new with these services, and many of them will place an order in the wrong formats, they will not follow our guidelines on how to place an order or we will face a technical issue and won’t be able to deliver promised service.

So when the issue happens, they will receive an email saying we have finished processing your order but did not get what they paid for, and then panic ensues…

Our system has two order statuses main order status and service status, you can read more about it HERE.

The most important part is when you receive an order saying we have finished processing your order, click on the tracking link which is located in the body of the email. This will lead you to order details, you will be able to see all placed services.

Each service will have its status depending on the moment, service status can be from PENDING, PROCESSING, COMPLETED, or CANCELED.

When service status is marked as CANCELED, you will have three possible actions: RESTART, EDIT, or REFUND. The first two options are explained on another subject HERE.

The third option REFUND is an action to issue a REFUND for canceled service, this process is instant and the funds will be issued back to the account virtual wallet where you can spend the money again or place a request for a refund to the bank account by following this LINK.

If the order was placed as a Guest, the system will try to find your account if you have one by filtering existing customers with billing email. If the account does not exist, the system will create a new account and send credentials to the billing email.