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IMPORTANT: Ad Campaign will start 24 – 48 hours after placing an order. Start delays because YouTube will check your video before approving the Campaign. Please follow the below guidelines for the successful approval of the Campaign.

What is Buy Youtube Discovery Ads?

A Google Discovery ad focuses on delivering a compelling call to action to entice viewers to explore your products. With various ad layouts and eye-catching images, Google Discovery ads are proven to resonate with consumers. You can even create a video ad to promote your brand or product.

When searching online, users often look for recommendations to help them find their ideal product. That’s where Google Discovery Ads come in. These visually engaging, personalized ads appear directly in people’s feeds on Google and YouTube and in apps like Google app and Gmail.

From entertainment to shopping, these ads appear when users are ready to discover something new, like a recipe or an important news story. Research shows that these ads are highly effective: 94% of people who have interacted with Google Discovery Ads have taken some action, like making a purchase.

Google Discovery Ads appear on Google Search, News, and Google Display Network sites, including YouTube. They’re available in 35 languages across more than 170 countries.

When you create Google Discovery Ads, you provide us with an audience profile that defines the audience you’d like to reach. We usually recommend starting with your existing customers, who are already familiar with your brand and are already some of your most loyal fans. You can then target your Discovery Ads to new users, people who are highly interested in the categories of your existing customers.

To make Discovery Ads the most effective, we recommend fine-tuning your ad as early in the process as possible. Once you have your ad, we recommend analyzing the performance of your ad and its copy using the tools in Ad Preview & 360.

Buy Youtube Discovery Ads – Increase your channel traffic and get more views. Increase your YouTube channel traffic and boost your views with Buy Youtube Discovery Ads. Use our channel growth service to increase your Youtube channel subscribers, get engaged viewers, and increase video views. Make your channel more discoverable with our targeted ad campaign. Discovery Ads are suitable for all niches!

How does it work?

  • Order submitted
  • Order is processed by the Youtube approval team (within 24 – 48 hours, your video is approved)
  • After approval, views are delivered within 24 hours (depending on your niche, not all niches have the same viewer base)
  • When an order is completed, we can provide you with a report of your Campaign Run.

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